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    Creating script for page creation

    I'm trying to make a script where there is a form for users to fill out and upon submission of that form, the script will create a unique web page each time someone uses the form. The user would be able to upload files and those files could be placed in a designated place on the site. And also it modify a "main" page to show that a new page has been created.

    I can get everything to show up in the right spot. My problem is I need a code to incorporate into what I already have for file upload so the pictures will display in the page that is created. I also need to find a code for making the unique page (for example, sally uses the form and makes sally.php and Bob uses the form and makes bob.php) instead of the new page just being wherever the form points to. I need it all to be php, no cgi or asp or anything like that.

    I guess what I"m looking for is something like geocities where you can build a webpage online, except I need it in php and on a much smaller scale where I can control where items are placed.

    Believe me, I've searched (or else I wouldn't post) and haven't been able to find anything. If anyone knows of a specific script that I can look at to get an idea of how to do these things in my script, that would be great and so helpful. I've tried hotscripts and resourceindex and all that with no luck.

    Please help! Thanks.
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