What Is OpenNotion?
OpenNotion is an open source idea collaboration software. It allows people to give feedback, collaborate on ideas and helps you see just what your users want.

With easy to use features, OpenNotion is perfect to allow your users to come together and give creative and vital feedback for you.

OpenNotion is developed by The OpenNotion Group.

What Features Are Included?
  • Voting system
  • Comments system
  • Idea statuses
  • Web-installer
  • User management
  • MVC framework

What's The Latest Version?
The latest version of OpenNotion is currently Alpha. This version is intended to gain feedback from users to help us improve for our initial release and to give potential users a sneak peak

While we do have an alpha available for download, the alpha should not be installed on a production server. A disclaimer is visible when you download the software.

What Can You Do?
You can stay up to date by reading our blog or joining our community forums.

By joining our forums, you can join in the discussion with other members regarding topics based around OpenNotion or just general discussion.

We are also looking for people who are interested in joining the team. Information regarding that can be found here.

What's In The Future?
At this moment, The OpenNotion group is working hard on a beta release. This will include features such as:
  • Usergroups
  • Blowfish password encryption
  • New MVC framework

Once the beta is released, we expect 1.0.0 to be out within a short period of time

The OpenNotion Group
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