Ok so I am looking for someone with IT Administration skills and has been trained properly to help me with this insane problem.

This has to do to with xbox live releated and a modded console aka Jtag

Latest Kernel version for Xbox live is 16537

jtags are currently not allowed to connect to he xbox live server.

If they do or is tried the console will be immediately banned.

There is a file called a Keyvault (Kv)

The keyvault has information in the file that is being tracked by Microsoft to ban the console. When the Kv gets banned you have to get a new one and flash it.

The only way to connect to xbox live right now is through a server called 'Stealth'... There service allows the jtag to connect somehow and I am curious how there doing it.

One of there files includes this information below.

pingpatch = true
contpatch = true
fatalreboot = false
fatalfreeze = false
safereboot = false
sockpatch = true
regionspoof = true
dvdexitdash = true
xblaexitdash = true
nxemini = true
nosysexit = true
debugout = true
livestrong = false
remotenxe = true
liveblock = false
exchandler = true
dumpfile = Hdd:\crashlog.txt

So with the information above what does it look like there doing to be able to allow the connection to the jtag. What method could they be doing to bypass the server and have it connected?

I am curious if you have a answer to this. I am very deep into the process and could use some opinions and thoughts on it.

From the above information I have provided above does not been I have conducted in this activity myself.

If you have further questions about the Jtag or what the Keyvault is just post on this thread I will reply the best of answer I can.

Also: I am new to here so staff and members please understand that i am not sure where this topic would go!

EXTRA INFORMATION: A Keyvault is the part of an Xbox 360 that makes each console unique. It is the part of the Xbox that Microsoft uses to identify which console is connecting to their servers. There are specific details located inside the Keyvault that makes it so important, one of the main details located in the keyvault is the serial number.
When you first try to connect to Xbox live they send the nand through a HyperVisor Test to see if the nand has been modified or is modified.