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    XML document signing


    Absolute newbie here.

    I'm looking for C++ open source code (to be compiled on Windows, Mac, linux), for doing the following:

    1. Generate private+public keys (need not run on all platforms).
    2. (server side) Adding a digital signature to an XML document using a private key.
    3. (client side) Verifying signature using the matching public key.

    I envisage the signed XML to look like this:

    Thanks in advance,
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    OpenSSL is a common tool for generating keys and using them. It comes as both a stand-alone tool and a library you can call from C++. I've used it on both Windows and Linux systems. GnuPG is another common tool (and has libraries based on it). If you're on a Windows machine there's Microsoft's Crypto API. Many other tools like OpenSSH or the Java JDK also have key generation tools included.

    I'd strongly recommend that you hire/talk to someone with some experience in cryptography and discuss what you're trying to do. You cannot simply "add crypto" and make your protocol secure--you must understand what you're trying to ensure and what attacks you're trying to prevent. It is very easy to create a system (or an existing system incorrectly vulnerabilities) and expose vulnerabilities .
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