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    Exclamation READ: Security and Cryptography Forum Rules

    In order to provide you with the best cryptographic help we can, the mods ask that you follow the following rules when posting in the Security/Cryptography forum:

    Ensure your thread doesn't belong in a more specific forum..
    Posting your question in the forum most specialized towards your topic is the best way to get help. If, for example, your question is specifically related to trying to configure Apache securely, you will probably get a more helpful response if you post in the Apache forum instead. However, if you wish to analyze the security pros/cons of different types of Apache configurations, this is probably the most appropriate forum. (A software-specific question versus security concept-specific question.)

    Do not ask for help hacking anything.
    Do not ask for assistance hacking anything, anywhere, any how. There are other forums that will help you hack, but Dev Shed does not wish to associate with such actions. The excuse "I'm just trying stuff out against my own computer," isn't valid because that's what everyone says.

    You may ask security-related questions, this is a security forum after all, but we will not blatantly help you break any security system. If you're not sure whether or not your question follows the rules, use this guideline:

    - Is your question oriented towards helping you understand a security system? ->
    - Is your question oriented towards helping you compromise a security system? ->

    If you want help breaking or understanding ciphertext, please post adequate details.
    Breaking ciphertext is difficult, but breaking ciphertext that you know little/nothing about is just plain frustrating. There are simply too many variables and possibilities to take into account when breaking unknown ciphertext to expect someone to try it in their spare time. It can be done, but the odds that someone will want to try are low.

    When posting requests for help on breaking a cipher, please provide all the details you know about it, such as where you got, what it's for, what you've tried (you have tried something, right?), and any tips/hints/hunches you may have. If you don't have any details to provide, odds are we won't be able to help, in which case you should be asking what you can research next, not asking us to do your work for you.

    And, specifically, do not ask for someone to break a hash for you.

    Do not ask for help reverse-engineering anything.
    In the same way that we won't break a hash for you, we also won't break an encrypted network transmission. Don't ask for help reverse engineering any protocol or encryption algorithm (that you haven't clearly made yourself, such as a custom encryption algorithm).

    Please post English details for encryption algorithm review.
    This isn't an actual rule, but it is some practical advice for any seeking help with encryption algorithm review. When posting your own cipher for peer review, it is recommended that you post English (written out) details outlining how it works / what it does, not just the code implementation of it. This serves two purposes: first it allows the reviewer to analyze the algorithm more quickly (it takes longer to parse code than words), and it also allows the reviewer to double-check your implementation of the algorithm to see if you made any mistakes implementing your own algorithm (checking what code actually does and guessing what it's supposed to do isn't always obvious). Also, if you post your algorithm in code, anyone unfamiliar with the language you used won't be able to help you.

    Do not advertise hacking services.
    Don't advertise your, or anyone else's, services as a hacker or any such resource for compromising security systems. Such posts will be counted as spam and treated accordingly. This one should be obvious.
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