I'm setting up a machine with a couple of web applications running on it, both of which use SSL. Apologies if i'm getting terminology etc wrong but I'm hoping to get both of these applications to trust each other as they connect and interact with each other.

At the minute, i'm getting SSL errors when trying to connect to two systems along the lines of "certificate unknown".

Now, i've basically set up two keystores, one for each application with self-signed certs. When i access them both via https I am prompted to accept the self signed cert, and so all seems fine.

What I think i need to do is generate a public certificate from each keystore and import it into the other keystore.

I tried exporting from one and importing into the other but that didn't help.

Now, when I list all keys in the 2 stores, they show 1 entry in each. I'm guessing this is the "root" entry.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? How do I get both systems to trust each other?

Thanks for any help, i'll keep reading documentation and keep this post up to date.