I'm a CEO of a medium sized company and I've been wondering if there are any protocols I can implement to secure sensitive and personal files from my system administrators? I'm looking for strategies beyond using a thumb drive or something with a lot of overhead such as that. We're running a basic windows domain environment and file server. I save a lot of sensitive files on my dropbox so I can access them from home. I know dropbox isn't the most secure of tools so I'm open to better services? However, I'm more concerned with internal perusal of information as opposed to outside hackers. I do run a local NAS that only I have access to and I map drives to this device from my machine. Would a good strategy be moving my local dropbox folder to this NAS? Any other strategies would be appreciated. Perhaps, Windows Server has some features to address situations such as these? At the moment I think the administrators could view and access local files on my machine which would include my dropbox files in "my documents". Thanks