Apologies if I have posed this question before as I seem to have lost access to my original account so am posting again.

I am quite new to this subject

I see before you create a certificate signing request, you can create a plain text .inf file (I believe these are sometimes referred to as .reg files or perhaps there are different?). This file can contain may things including the Subject, Friendly, extensions and which template should be used when processing the CSR.

What I would like to know in advance of submitting a CSR is, is there a template name specified in the original .inf file that was used to generate this base64 encoded CSR (.cer file). Plus can I retrieve all the other information like the "Subject" name and "Friendly Name" etc. from the CSR basically decode the base64 back into the original or at least a human readable format.

As when presenting an CSR to a Microsoft Server (Enterprise CA) you have to specify the Template you want to use otherwise the CA will reject the request. So I just want to check if he template has already been specified in the request as if not I have to use an addition parameter on the command line to specify the template.

Thanks all in advance