In Bruce Schneier's blog (Im unable to post link, but you can search for Solitaire algorithm at his blog site) I came across a set of steps that I am unable to produce the same results.

Sample 2: Using keying method 3 and the key "FOO," (remember that the optional keying step is not used in these examples) the first fifteen outputs are:
8 19 7 25 20 (53) 9 8 22
32 43 5 26 17 (53) 38 48
If the plaintext is all As, then the ciphertext is:
Sample 3: Using keying method 3 and the key "CRYPTONOMICON," the message "SOLITAIRE" encrypts to:

My question is, can someone please explain how they produced those results to get the encrypted text/numbers? I am able to properly follow the unkeyed steps, but am unable to encrypt a keyed version.

In addition, is it possible to decrypt it if both the messenger and recipient have the KEY and the initialized deck? Thanks in advance!