Hello guys,
I have read all of this ideas about protections for source codes,but seems to be
that these ideas will not work at all.
please think carefuly to find some useful way besides that dont forgot keyboard switchs
to be disable too.
i mean that regurding to menu bars options we are not safe yet.keyboards switchs should
be down too.
And another hard problem is ownloader: softwares which can download the whole site.
but i have seen some sites that have protections against downloaders too.
Any way ,i`m working on this case with one of my friends too and we are finding some results and will promise to gave them all to you when complited.
I want to ask you to work on this project hard too ,any useful information will help us and others in this case.......
Anyway i think this protections are useful sometimes at some parts of our sites to save informations against hackers....

Best of luck for all of you