I have been intruiged by the video stabilization done by YouTube and wanted to implement it on matlab. I tracked down two papers related to it, this being them,

1.) http://static.googleusercontent.com/...hive/37041.pdf

2.) 302 Moved Temporarily (L1 L2 optimization for video stabilization)

I've made some progress, but sadly all I can get is a skewed video. In working on this problem I encountered a lot of new things which I'm also trying to learn, but as I have no background in them, I'm facing a lot of difficulty.

Is someone here well versed with such topics (Convex Optimization, CVX modeling in matlab, Homographies etc), if so, I would love if you could help me in solving this problem.

I'm unable to get a proper understanding of the paper, I feel (?) that they may have omitted some details, but I'm not sure.