Hii, ladies and gentleman..We're undergraduate students. We have an idea to create mobile
invoicing apps for project purpose. Below shows the brief statement of problems and solutions for
the mobile apps that we would like to create. Does it works? Please kindly leave your comment
here, we do need your recommendations. Thank you.

Brief Statement of Problem

1. The store personnel is not capable to produce or issue an invoice to customer immediately
after the sales happens. It might causes issue delaying in issuing invoice and it will affect the
sales and revenue process and collection of debts.

2. The management are unable to trace the proper period and the date to collect the debt from
trade debtors. Improper system in collecting debt might causes the company has bad debt.

3. Might causes mistakes and problems during debt collection and it will affect the relationship
with client.

4. There are numbers of similar mobile invoicing application available in the market. Users are
more preferable in using traditional paper work than mobile app in sending invoices as they
are incertitude with the security system.

Brief Statement of Expected Solution

1. With the aid of Online Invoicing, a manager or personnel can immediately issue and produce
the invoice and also its more faster, more convenient and more easy with just click in some data.

2. The system can avoid arising of bad debt and problems in debt collection with the use of Online
Tracking, the system will gather the information of trade debtors and the amount of debt. The
system will record every information and generate it into a friendly interface where the user will
receive the notification if the date of collect a debt becomes mature and it will notify the user.

3. With the system has been adjusted, manager can use “Online Invoice and Time Tracking” to
reduce the problem in collecting cash. This system can ensure the amount of debt is proper
collected on time and avoid disputes between clients.

4. This application software can be developed to facilitate owners and manager not to rely entirely
on computer and can update their business anytime in anywhere to increase their business sales.
5. This system will be support by Virtual Private Network (VPN) where it can boost the safety and
security of customer's data and information. All transactions can only be accessed by the owner
with dual security systems. First, owners are required to enter security code and followed by
bio-metric authentication.