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    How do I map values in serveral arrays

    Hi all

    I need some suggestion on this topic.

    The problem is that I have several arrays of which data is related to each other.

    For simplicity, I will "translate" it to the car maker, car model and year idea.
    When you select car maker you get a list of models and when you select model you get a list of model years.
    Just that in my case there can be overlapping; one model can be used by several makers.

    I have tried to search on the net, but all places I found assumed there was connection to a database.

    I have thought about following designs:

    1. one array with all the makers, one with all models and one with all the years
    Pros: data is only listed once
    Cons: Not sure how to make the mapping (could a 3d array be useful in this case!?)

    2. one array for each markers.
    Pros: You can select the list directly when the user has selected the maker
    Cons: As there is overlapping means there will be duplicated data
    Cons: If i have to to the same with the model-years, the code will be more complex with a lot of arrays.

    FYI, I use a program specific scripting language (mix between JavaScript and Java).

    Any suggestion will be nice.

    What I am trying now:
    have a separate list for each "maker" which contains index reference to the "models" array.
    something like this:
    makers[0] = "Test model";
    model[0] = "Model 1";
    model[1] = "model 2";
    model[2] = "model 3";
    mapping["Test model"] = [0,1];
    ViewModelList = mapping[makers[0]]
    // on working....
    Will there be any flaw with the above?
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    How do I map values in serveral arrays

    You should use three array list, input data to them with same key of car and retrieve them on the basis of key from all of three.
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    Thanks for the reply, have all forgotten i had this question open

    But it end up I were looking at the wrong part, the program I use have another way to solve the problem

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