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    What is a PAD Chart (or diagram)

    Hello everybody. I will really appreciate some help

    I have been coding for quite some time. And I know that I should first write design charts or algorithms first
    but I seldom do.

    Anyway, I have been asked to write an algorithm I have , but using something my supervisor called A PAD chart

    Now, I live in Japan and googling in japanese I found some pages about this. But when using google in english I could find ONLY this:


    See the part of "PAD Diagrams"

    Have any of you heard of those?? What are they called in english, to find more resources about this?

    Are these regularly used... as for me it is a first

    Thanks again
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    Never heard of it. After some searching, it seems PADs are mostly - if not entirely - a Japanese and Chinese tool.

    Tip: with visual stuff like this, I often have luck putting my best guess at search terms into an image search, then looking for relevant images and the pages hosting them. That's what I did here and most of the matching results were Chinese and Japanese. In fact that EdrawSoft company you found is based in Hong Kong.

    Since you're in Japan it makes sense that you were asked to write one of these. I don't know the work culture over there - normally I would suggest a couple minutes with your supervisor to make sure you are understanding them correctly, but that might not be appropriate for you.

    As for learning about them, well, it seems very straightforward: vertical paths indicate procedural execution (line 1, line 2, line 3, ...) and horizontal paths indicate control structures (if, loop, switch, etc) or other nested code. Combine that with the block notation shown on that page and you have something really close to a "regular" flowchart. If the algorithm isn't too complex and it's something you could talk about here on the forum, then how about describing the algorithm? It might also help to write it in pseudocode or using a flowchart first, then to translate that into a PAD.
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    A PAD chart or diagram is the flowchart that depicts visually through symbols and lines the logical flow of a program and their interaction. It specializes the formatting tools and symbols and also is the digrammatic illustration.

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