I'm actually trying to simulate a simultaneous movement based on sequential informations. I will give out an exemple.

I have some characters, they are doing actions every turn. The actions that are interesting me are moving. They can be defined in 2 ways: move_to_coordinates(X,Y) or move_to_character(A).
I have the following sequence:

A: move_to_coordinates(X,Y)
B: move_to_character(A)
C: move_to_character(D)
D: move_to_character(E)
E: move_to_character(C)
F: move_to_character(D)

basically, if I am executing those actions sequentially, I am reaching to the good result, so i want to calculate everything at the same time.

* For A, I have static coordinates, so it is not a problem
* For B, I have no problem, i can move A then move B.
* For C,D,E I am having a first problem... my idea there was perhaps to calculate the gravity center of CDE and to make them move there... But as they are not moving with the same speed, i think i need to apply some formula as well
* For F i have another problem... F is not a part of CDE, it shouldn't modify the destination of others, but still it needs to follow this dynamic.

My concern is to first find a way to identify the patterns. I think that some graph travelling will come handy, but to be honest it is a bit far from me. Secondly, once the patterns are automatically identified, i need to compute the futur destination.

Any help would be more than appreciated =))