i would like to generate a URL with parameters passed in it with smalltalk from a search but can't quite figure it out.

i've done it in php, but i need it in smalltalk. is it difficult?

this is what i have in php:

list of param names
display=javascript -- indicates display (must use javascript) - required
a=company -- indicates affiliate tag (company) - required
urlKey=startrek -- this is the existing Meetup topic tied to this board
search=Star+Trek -- this is the search query keywords (urlencoded)

an example of how to implement this (using php) is as follows:
$existingMeet = 'stargate';
$keyWords = 'Star Trek';
$meetUrl = 'http://www.meet.com/search/?display=javascript&a=company';
$meetUrl .= '&urlkey=' . $existingMeetup;

if ($_REQUEST['search']) {
$meetUrl .= '&search=' . urlencode($_REQUEST['search']);

} else {
$meetUrl .= '&search=' . urlencode($keyWords);
<script src="<? echo $meetUrl; ?>" type="text/javascript"></script>

the PHP vars are:
$existingMeet -- the current Meet topic urlkey this board is tied to (leave as empty string if the board is not tied to a meet)
$keyWords -- default search words if user does not submit in form (board keywords)
$meetUrl -- URL to Meetup javascript

any help is greatly appreciated.


- Randy -