introduction to my project(security system for border area):

The system provide the three dimensional security through the “three” cameras. Cameras are to used to capture movement inside the restricted border area.The cameras are working according to the scheduled criteria.The camera pass the image(snapshot) to the Pc in the sub-control office. On the Pc side different algorithm are applied to the most recent two images to detect and extract motion and other information e-g direction,speed,size of the object.

If no motion detected the process is repeated for each camera.
if motion detected then followings thing

i) PC SIDE:-
After snapshots sended to the PC and on motion detection :-
1) Show the following information on GUI:
* Area of motion
* Distance from the sub-control office
* Speed of the object
* Size of the object
2) Send signal to other sub-control office.
3) Save information to the database for future forecasting.
4) Save images to the disk for future analysis .

The response of microchip is depended on two things
* Direction of object
* Size of the object
The information pass to microchip and it responses the following thing according to that information
1) Activate the alarms in that control area.
2) Activate the search light (Night) .
3) Make a telephone call to the main control office and deliver the
recorded message.