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    Any Idea?

    i want to ask about something..
    i made a software using php , ajax and javscript..

    now as any product i want to make updates on my software, when any updates is available, i want to let the user knows that there is a new update with a new version so the user can download it....

    Example: like the update of mccafe, windows....etc..........

    my idea is to use the webservice and let the software when loggin-in uses the webservice to check if there is any updates and tell the user with a message the version is updated,please download new version

    but till now i can not make this webservice..

    Any idea of using webservice or any other idea???????
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    Isn't your software running on your webserver? Why would the client want to download the application locally? Please do clarify.
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    There may not be a great option for this.

    I'm working under the assumption that you have clients who are installing your software locally on their internal servers, potentially for intranet applications, correct?

    If so, it's likely that those servers are behind various firewalls, which would prevent broad Internet access for your application, in turn preventing your application from making a web service call to your server to determine if a new version is available.

    If my assumption is wrong, and your client's web servers do have access to the internet, then yes, you could write a web service which called for a version number on your server, and posted a message accordingly.

    It might just be easier to have your customers sign up for email alerts if they purchase your product, and communication with them that way.
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    How are you using your software?online or offline?

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