I am running a startup and I need to find the right environment to develop my web application in. My web application essentially takes data that will be uploaded remotely from our clients, denormalizes it for quicker access and transforms it into dynamic charts and tables that will be available for the client to view through a web browser. Ensuring the data is secure is a priority (cue the NSA jokes). I am strongly considering using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as my platform to ensure the solution can scale out easily, but the Google platform is still on the table.

I developed a working prototype to run on my VPS using Dreamweaver (a combination of PHP / HTML / Javascript), but I want to ensure the enterprise grade product is developed in the right environment and that the code is well-structured, even if I have to learn a new programming language or two .

1) What development framework should I employ if I want to deploy the web application in AWS?

2) I'm slightly confused as to what database services from Amazon I will need - the data itself will have SQL queries run on it and then moved to various intermediary tables; does this sound like something a SimpleDB or a DynamicDB from AWS is called for?

Thanks in advance! Any advice is greatly appreciated.