Hopefully someone can help me out... here's my problem. I am trying to use awk to strip out portions of a daily log that is marked with time and date stamps. I want to be able to span a 12 hr period, but I run into a logic block when the day changes over at midnight. Can anyone help me determine the logic I need to accomplish this? Here's an example:

Log entry 1 starts Wed Sept 3 19:00 and ends Wed Sept 3 21:00
Log entry 2 starts Wed Sept 3 23:00 and ends Thurs Sept 4 2:00
Log entry 3 starts Thurs Sept 4 4:00 and ends Thurs Sept 4 6:00

If I run this program at 7:00 in the morning I want to get all three entries (19:00->7:00 timespan). Any help is greatly appreciated!