Does anyone here know anything about CTIX, a Convergent Technologies branded version of UNIX from the mid-late 1980s?

Photo courtesy Michael Herzog

I am working on a project to get a Convergent MightyFrame from 1987 operational (see our blog at ), and to read data off a vintage MFM Maxtor XT-2190 hard drive that was installed in one of these machines back in the day. I'm about 9 months into this, and have just scratched the surface, but I love it.

the MightyFrame's OS was CTIX. The closest more common machine to this monstrosity was the AT&T 7300 / 3B1 system from 1985+, also built by Convergent Technologies, but is only similar, and by no means a match. It ran straight UNIX.

I'd be very excited to get ahold of one of these vintage tapes, or even a copy of them. So far, I've heard that there existed CTIX [RAW], CTIX DIAGNOSTICS, and CTIX MAINTENANCE. Does anyone know of others?

I'm pursuing contact with as many of the guys from an old comp.sys.3b1 newsgroup that I can track down. There is one thread there in particular that gives the most information I can find online about this system: Do any of the contributors to that thread post here on this forum?

I appreciate any info that anyone might offer.