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    Mass file edit


    I am trying to mass edit a bunch of files using sed . Below is what I have in my script

    Some sentence # comment

    I need to add a new line after the "Some sentence" and add a new sentence there for all the files in the directory. As of now I am trying to do the following

    sed -i -e "s/Some sentence\t# comment/Some sentence\t# comment\nNew Sentence"

    Is there an easy way to do this inseatd of replacing sentence1 and then adding sentence 1\nsentence 2
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    You should be able to use a 'back reference' in the replacement:
    Originally Posted by man page
    s/regexp/replacement/ Attempt to match regexp against the pattern space. If successful, replace that portion matched with replacement. The replacement may contain the special character & to refer to that portion of the pattern space which matched, and the special escapes \1 through \9 to refer to the corresponding matching sub- expressions in the regexp.
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