hi am senthil,

i want to install php 5 in my solaris 10 x86server..
i already enabled apache
and my mysql 5 is woking fine..

i want to know the procedure to install php..
i googled it and got some info ..

i have doubt in the following thing

/configure –with-apache2=/opt/httpd-2.0.49 –with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs \
–with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql –enable-ftp –with-zlib=/opt/csw –enable-bcmath \
–with-curl=/opt/csw –with-iconv=/opt/csw –with-gd –enable-gd-ative-ttf \
–with-jpeg-dir=/opt/csw –with-png-dir=/opt/csw –with-zlib-dir=/opt/csw \
–with-libxml-dir=/opt/csw –with-tiff-dir=/opt/csw –with-tiff-dir=/opt/csw \

what does this mean ..
i just to the explanation for this part...

tell me the easy procedure to install php in my solaris 10 x86 server..