i'm stuck on installing a decompression programme called nulib. i want to be able to decompress a file that's got .shk and nulib will do that apparently. the reason i'm stuck is because i don't really know what i'm doing, not because it's particularly problematic (at least i don't think so).

the tar.gz when decompressed contains 2 main folders. i've successfully done the first folder (configure, make install etc). the upshot of that is that there are two new files in /usr...

the next stage is where i'm stuck:

in the readme file it says:
Make sure that the "NUFXSRCDIR" define in Makefile.in points to the correct directory, or that the library has been installed in a standard location such as /usr/local/lib/. If you received NuLib2 and NufxLib in a single ".tar.gz" file, the variable is already set correctly. The makefile will look in $(NUFXSRCDIR) first, /usr/local/lib second.

Run the "configure" script....
the define part of "Makefile.in" file that it's talking about i think is this part:
# set this to where the NuFX library and ".h" file live 
VERSION                = 200 
NUFXSRCDIR        = ../nufxlib-$(VERSION) 
the two new files that i mentioned at the start that were installed in the first stage are:

"libnufx.a" which is in usr/local/lib


"NufxLib.h" which is in usr/local/include

can anyone tell me what i should change that Makefile.in to? i've tried a few things and have always got:
make: *** No rule to make target `/usr/local/include/libnufx.a', needed by `nulib2'.  Stop
so i'm obviously not doing it right. this hopefully is very simple to someone who knows about unix, but i don't know about unix at all really. anyone?