Hi, I'm looking for advice. I have several directories that receive jpg files by ftp transfer every 30 minutes from outside machines (image of processed data.) Each directory has it's own processing script that is invoked by incron, and all directories except one work correctly with the incrontab entry like this:
/var/www/html/blah/blah/somedirectoryIR IN_MOVED_TO,IN_NO_LOOP /var/www/html/blah/blah/scriptname.sh $@ $# $%
In the one directory that doesn't process (rarely succeeds), the transmission is through a vpn client connection. The file is valid and correct, and approximately the same size as ones from the other remote machines that deliver an image which invokes the correct shell every time. The only thing I can think of is that the image may arrive as a .part file, them renamed on completion. Adding IN_CLOSE_WRITE does not solve the problem. Removing IN_NO_LOOP only gives more problems. IN_ATTRIB doesn't work either. I only see the successful invocations in the cron log (no apparent errors). What could be going on?