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    Request to check

    Hi all.

    Kindly check it it's urgent!!

    I have one big file from which which I have to fetch certain data

    I have attached a small part of this file.

    from the attached file, I have to fetch and arrange data in 3 columns

    1 Generic name 2. Brand names 3. Drug Target_gene name

    In the attached file this data is arranged like this along with so much other data mixed in between
    Drug Card I

    Generic name

    Brand names

    Drug_Target_ gene name

    End Drug card I

    Begin Drug card II

    Generic name

    Brand names

    Drug_Target_gene name
    Drug_Target_gene name
    Drug_Target_gene name
    Drug_Target_gene name...so on
    End Drug card II....

    in this way there are many drug cards.

    Please check the attached file and Kindly let me know scripting to perform this task.

    I want the output shuld be like this:

    Generic name Brand names Drug Target_gene name

    Lepirudin Refludan F2
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    Learn and use awk
    The program is about trivial in awk.

    Please give a specific card with specific output and I'll write you a program. Here's an example of what you might want. Note that where you have plural I used multiple lines. Consider what you actually want. Prettier formatting is certainly possible.

    The input file drug
    Drug Card I
    Eucalyptus tree bark
    Headache 2c
    Backpain 14-273
    End Drug card I
    The unix command line and output
    $ gawk -f g.gawk drug 
    aspirin	Bayer	Headache 2c
    aspirin	Bayer	Backpain 14-273
    aspirin	Eucalyptus tree bark	Headache 2c
    aspirin	Eucalyptus tree bark	Backpain 14-273
    The program g.gawk
    #! /usr/bin/gawk
    # Generic name Brand names Drug Target_gene name 
    accumulate {
        if  (/^[ \t]*$/) {
        } else {
    	if (2 == accumulate) {
    	    generic_name = $0
    	} else if (3 == accumulate) {
    	    brand_names[brand++] = $0
    	} else if (4 == accumulate) {
    	    target_gene[gene++] = $0
    /^End Drug/ {
        for (b = 0; b < brand; ++b) {
    	for (g = 0; g < gene; ++g) {
        brand = gene = accumulate = 0
    /^Drug Card/ {
        accumulate = 1

    If you had wanted all of the information on one line, what constitutes a column? gawk has useful variables you can set OFS and ORS that specify the output record separator and output field separator (clearly in the other order).
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