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    Can someone help with a file transfer between unix and windows?

    Just posted this in the FTP section but saw there were more people in the Unix section ;-)

    I have only a little experience with Unix but can get around a little. I have a client who has a very old unix box (not sure what the exact configutation is, they said it's IBM though) and it has several non-text files that need to be transfered off of it quickly before the drive crashes and it's old and unstable. I have access via modem to the box. Can someone help me out with commands to access the files and then transfer the files using the modem connection? I assume that the server has FTP on it but I am not sure how to check that, that I would need a little help on too, how do I know what the ftp connection is? thanks in advance!
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    To FTP from the unix box, The Unix would need to be running a FTP server.
    How are you connecting to this box?

    You should also be able to use "scp" to copy these files to another host on their network or to another pc.
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    Depending on the age the 'old box' may not have scp, etc. available.
    What other systems do you have that can link to this machine? Also, does it have any external write device, such as tape or floppy?

    To use ftp it sounds like it would be best to get the ftpd (ftp server) running on the 'old' machine and then 'get' the files from there - remembering to set the mode to bin.
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    Originally Posted by businessedge
    ... Etc ...
    I have a client who has a very old unix box ... I have access via modem to the box...Etc...
    Install WinSCP on your winDoze machine.
    This program can establish an FTP, SFTP or SCP connection with the unix box.
    Then using the GUI, move the files from the remote window to the local window.

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