I have a big problem in VB ActiveX. I have made an activeX and this active X is made of another sub activeX. I mean my main activeX comprises of a subAxtiveX. Yes, So now u got it, My main activeX is made up of another sub activeX control. And I want that sub activeX control to have OLEDragDrop and Normal Drag Drop property. I want that when the user clicks that subactiveX control which is inside My main Control, he should be able to drag to any place where he wants. I have also set the Dragmode property of that inner activeX = Automatic. BUT NOW MY PROBLEM IS, when i run the program, and when i click the control and drag it with my mouse, It does moves, BUT only within the boundary of its Parent control, it just moves withthe the area of the outer control, it DOESNOT, move outside. Im not able to drag this inside control outside anywhere. WHy does it just drags or moves only within the limit of the outer control. And why does it not move outside or anywhere else on the form.??
Please do reply ASAP????