Hi guys!

I have an application (called C4W) which stores its data in an Access database.
C4W collects data from PDAs and stores it in the database.
One of the fields is a Customer signature, which is stored as a BLOB (Binary Large Object) file.
C4W has the facility to populate a Word document using Mailmerge fields.
It also allows VBA to execute during the mailmerge process.

I'm designing a Certificate which is to be sent to the Customer, and needs to bear the signature of the person who signed off the work on the PDA.

C4W “prints” the mailmerge’s signature field as “text”.
I need to find a way to get the image into the Word document during the mailmerge process.
As I see it, I have two options –
1) Somehow persuade Word that the incoming mailmerge field is an image, or
2) Use VBA to “read” the BLOB from the database and stick it in the document during one of Word’s standard modules e.g. Document_Open.

I’m reasonably adept in VBA and VBS, but can’t find much in the way of references to BLOB files.
Does any kind soul have any tips/ideas/comments.