I am using data combo box with my database for vb with ADO. The data combo box contains the data that user can select. how do i change that selected item from the data combo box when i navigate through the record??? For example i am designing a program for patient admision. One of my data combo box is contains data of Doctors Name, bound column = dotor id. When i navgaite the recordset using ADO, how do i change that information? I am not using ADO controls on my forum, i am coding everything.
i am posting my code i hope someone can help me, u can email me if its not clear what im asking at prabh20@hotmail.com

Private Sub Getadmit()
Dim strSQL As String
strSQL = "SELECT ad.patient_idm, p.namem, " _
& "d.doctor_idm, d.doctor_namem, " _
& "di.diagnostic_codem, di.diagnostic_descriptionm, " _
& "ad.admit_datem, ad.dis_datem, " _
& "ad.accom_type_reqm " _
& "FROM ppatientm p, padmissionm ad, " _
& "pdiagnosticm di, pdoctorm d " _
& "Where d.doctor_idm = ad.doctor_idm " _
& "And di.diagnostic_codem = ad.admin_diagnosm " _
& "AND di.diagnostic_codem = ad.discharge_diagnosm " _
& "AND p.patient_idm = " & Me.txtid.Text

If mrsPatient.EOF = False And mrsPatient.BOF = False Then
'synchronize the admission recordset
With mrsAdmission
If mrsAdmission.State = adStateOpen Then
End If

.ActiveConnection = gcnHosp
.Source = strSQL
.CursorLocation = adUseClient
.CursorType = adOpenStatic
.LockType = adLockReadOnly

'bind the admission data list box
Set Me.dcbdoctor.DataSource = mrsAdmission
'i need a code so that the dcbdotor.text = to the doctor name that matches the doctor_id selected by SQL statement
'Me.dcbdoctor.Text = mrsAdmission("doctor_namem")

Set Me.dcbadmincode.DataSource = mrsAdmission

' Me.dcbadmincode.Text = Val(Me.dcbadmincode.DataField = "diagnostic_descriptionm")
Set Me.dcbdiscode.DataSource = mrsAdmission
'Me.dcbdiscode.BoundColumn = "diagnostic_descriptionm"
Set Me.DTPadmitdate.DataSource = mrsAdmission
'Me.DTPadmitdate.DataField = "admit_datem"
Set Me.DTPdisdate.DataSource = mrsAdmission
'Me.DTPdisdate.DataField = "dis_datem"
Set Me.cbaccom.DataSource = mrsAdmission
'Me.cbaccom.DataField = "accom_type_reqm"

End With
End If
End Sub

Private Sub cbaccom_Change()

End Sub