I'm hereby need to request some help.My problem here is how to merge two .rpt (Crystal Report) into one PDF files.
But I ready can found only one crystal Report converted into PDF pooled out.
Private Sub ExportReportToPDF(RptObj As CRAXDRT.Report, ByVal FileName As String, ByVal RptTitle As String)
   Dim objExptOpt As CRAXDRT.ExportOptions
   RptObj.ReportTitle = RptTitle
   Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
    With RptObj
        .EnableParameterPrompting = False
        .MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = True
        rs.Open "select * from sf_detail order by seq ASC", cn, adOpenDynamic
        .Database.SetDataSource rs, 3
    End With


   Set objExptOpt = RptObj.ExportOptions
    With objExptOpt
        .DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
        .DiskFileName = FileName
        .FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
        .PDFExportAllPages = True
    End With
    Dim rpt1 As String
    rpt1 = App.Path & "\Report\sf_rpt.rpt"
    'RptObj.OpenSubreport (App.Path & "\Report\sf_rpt.rpt")
    RptObj.Export False

End Sub
private sub form_load()
 Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
    Set CryHdl = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Set RptCryStl = CryHdl.OpenReport(App.Path & "\Report\sf_detail.rpt", 1)
    For n = 1 To RptCryStl.Database.Tables.count
       RptCryStl.Database.Tables(n).SetLogOnInfo "\ABC", "ABM", "sa", "123"    
    Next n
    ExportReportToPDF RptCryStl, "C:\ABM\ABM" & IIf(ABM01.Combo1.List(ABM01.Combo1.ListIndex) < 10, "0" & ABM01.Combo1.List(ABM01.Combo1.ListIndex), _
    ABM01.Combo1.List(ABM01.Combo1.ListIndex)) & Right(ABM01.Combo2.List(ABM01.Combo2.ListIndex), 2) & "-SF.PDF", "Single Face"

end sub
Appreciate any help if someone could lend me a help.