I want to make this piece of code a public member of the class but when i do it gives me an exception, the inner exception is:
The method or operation is not implemented

Here is the code i am trying to make public so i do not have to repeat my code over and over again when i want to check my radio buttons to see if any of them have been clicked.

Dim typeRadioButton As RadioButton = _
        typeGroupBox.Controls _
        .OfType(Of RadioButton)() _
        .Where(Function(r) r.Checked = True) _
Then inside one function is this
If typeRadioButton Is Nothing Then
            MessageBox.Show("Type needs to be selected.")
End If
If typeRadioButton.Checked.ToString = True Then
blah blah blah
End if
and then i have it inside my checkout button click event as well and would like to not repeat the code everywhere i need it.