How, through Visual Basic Programming, or any way, is it possible to terminate (as in remove from the system task bar) an external program, such as Weatherbug?

Basically, I found this nifty little thing called "scheduled tasks" that will automatically bring up and close whatever program I desire when I desire it. This is great because I can run a powerpoint program and once every 10 minutes, weatherbug will come up for a minute and disappear. It opens and closes on the task bar, however, it installs itself on the sysbar. It joins in with the volume control and other icons and eventually, so many of them come that it overloads the system. If I could design a Visual Basic Program that could remove one of them on loading time, I could run this program following the other timed one (weagtherbug), so that there are never too many icons in the sys taskbar and the computer could continue to function.