Hi for all!
Please! I have a problem.

I have one page with visual basic 2010. Into this page have a thread that seek for update. When this ocorred, need call a Popup in javascript, like this code bellow :

Sub Thrd_Messages()

Dim Chat As New ChatSuper()
Dim cc As New Cliente
Dim CopiaMessage As Object

Dim bSair As Boolean = False

While (True)

CopiaMessage = FilaMessage
bSair = False

While (CopiaMessage.Count > 0) And (bSair = False)
cc = CopiaMessage.Peek()

' isto significa que chegou msg para este cliente
If cc.SendTo = GetIdCliente() Then

RodaJanela("ChatSuperCadastro00.aspx?id=" & cc.SendTo)
bSair = True

End If
Catch ex As Exception

End Try
End While

End While

End Sub

Public Sub RodaJanela(ByVal hRef As String)

Dim ROTULO As New Label

ROTULO.Text = "<script language='javascript'> window.open('" & hRef & "', '_blank','menubar=no','',width='350',height='450', 'IdFrom' + id);</script>"
ROTULO.Text = "<script language='javascript'> return (false);</script>"

End Sub

But nothing happen !!!

Please somebody can help me?