Hello all... I'm currently working on learning VB 6.0, and as I work toward writing several small programs for distribution on the Internet, something crossed my mind about the VB Runtimes...

As we know, any system that wants to run a VB program needs the appropriate VBRun installed.

I noticed on the Microsoft website that they not only have the original VBRun 6.0 available for download, but also VBRun 6.0 Service Pack 5, which includes all the updates made to the VBRun 6.0 files in the corresponding Service Pack 5 for Visual Studio.

My question is: If I'm developing on Visual Basic Service Pack 5, will VBRun 6.0 sp5 be required for my end users, or will the original VBRun 6.0 be entirely sufficient (albeit slightly more buggy due to lacking the service pack fixes)?

I guess this would really depend on whether the service packs were strictly stability improvements, or whether new functionality was added, on which programs compiled by the corresponding service pack of Visual Studio depend...

I have no problem telling my users "you must have VBRun 6.0 installed for this program to work", but I really don't want to tell people who already have VBRun 6.0 that they need to download a newer version because their service pack isn't a high enough revision. I'll sooner develop on VB 6.0 sans any service packs installed.

If anyone knows the answer to this, it would be much appreciated.

Shawn A. Curnew, MCP