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    Outlook Form Having Problems With Splitting

    Hello Folks
    I am try to form that I can enter 2 text fields. 1 is a desciption the other is a Link. The Description will be added to a list Box. So that the user can later select and automaticly open a link. I started it by just adding it to a list box. Worked Great Untill I did a save the List box was empty. So I realized I have to add it to anouther Textbox as a string deleimited and then reload as a Array to put in the list box. Problem Is It seems to add But the split does not work. Here is the code..

    'Add Link To Screen
    dim MyApp
    dim workk()

    Set objItem = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Comments and Attachments").Item("Link1")
    Set objItemD = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Comments and Attachments").Item("Link1D")
    set objlinkD = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Comments and Attachments").Item("edslink")

    set objlinkDH = Item.UserProperties("edslinkll")
    set objlink = Item.UserProperties("edslinkl")
    msgbox objlinkDH

    if objitemD <> "" and objitem <> "" and objitem <> "http://" then
    objlinkD.AddItem objItemD
    if objlinkDH.value = "" then
    objlinkDH.value = objItem
    objlink.value = objItemD
    objlinkDH.value = objlinkDH.value + "|?|" + objItem
    objlink.value = objlink.value + "|?|" + objItemD
    end if
    msgbox "A"
    <b> workk = split( objlinkDH, "|?|" ) It basicly does not work from here </B>
    objitemD.value = ""
    objitem.value = "http://"
    msgbox "B"
    msgbox ubound(work)

    end if
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    What version of VB are you using?

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