Hello DevShed.

This may or may not be the right place for me to place this
question, but it seemed most appropriate.

I have a problem with my MUD game where if you do something
such as speak in the vicinity of another player. That player will
not recieve the command that says that the other player had said
something until they do something themselves.

For Example:
Player 1:
2)you move east
4)you move west

Player 2:
6)player 1 leaves to the east
7)player 1 arrives from the east

(points 1-7 happen in sync)

It is almost as if information is buffered until the other player
does something.

As you can probably tell, this is a VERY annoying bug and I have
had a nasty time trying to fix it.

Here is my current setup:
Windows XP
8GB free space
256 RAM
ADSL (router)
My program uses the Winsock control.

My Router is connected to the ADSL line and also to my LAN
hub, I have diverted certain ports to my computer.

You may now think "Ah ha, it must be the router!", I don't
think this is the case, because it has worked perfectly before
with the router.

Also, all other programs I make with winsock run with the same
problems. However, I have tested these programs on computers
elsewhere and they work perfectly.

I would really appreciate any help someone can give, because
this is the main reason I can't get people to play my game.

Thank you for your time.