This is more of a nagging problem I have rather then a real issue, I just thought someone might know the answer.
Many times when I open a vbp file, do nothing, and close it, it still asks me if I want to save the project before closing. When I look at the project file, something has changed, its case is different. For example:
(+) Me.Caption = FRM_TITLE & " - " & LoadResString(fraStep(nStep).tag)
(-) Me.Caption = FRM_TITLE & " - " & LoadResString(fraStep(nStep).Tag)
(+) username.Text = "anonymous"
(+) password.Text = ""
(-) Username.Text = "anonymous"
(-) Password.Text = ""
Does anyone know what causes this or how to prevent it? The funny thing is, if I let it save that way, the next time the case will be the opposite again! Every time I go to source control my projects I have to double-check to see which files REALLY need to be updated.