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    I need a simple VB applikation

    Hey people. I googled for a programmers forum, found this one, created an account to ask this question:

    I play a game on the internet. An advanced part of that game is to use and update a database. It's quite simple, you load the galaxyview and then you just go through the solarsystems by clicking on the buttons with the mouse or pressing the arrow keys. A firefox plugin sends the information and updates the database everytime a new solar system is visited. Well. Whats the question you ask? There are 9 galaxies each containing 499 solarsystems. I update these manually, and I'm tired of it. Making my computer click the same mouse button over and over again, or pressing the same arrowkey over and over again can't be that difficult can it?

    My experience? I wrote some Visual Basic a few years ago. Just for fun, very simple stuff. Userforms with labels and commandbuttons. Few lines of code. Learned from a book called "Beginning Visual Basic 2005" written by Thearon Willis and Bryan Newsome. It's 823 pages and i got through the first 150 pages I think. Before that, as a teen, i played with the VBA built into MSword and some simple webdesign html stuff.

    Well, that's my story. Can someone help me with my little project? As mentioned, I need something that can click the mouse or press an arrowkey. And there needs to be 3-5 sec between each time.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, I'm a moderator but instead of deleting this I'm just going to say: If you are sick of playing the game then STOP PLAYING THE #%*(* GAME! Why do you need an automated solution?

    What you are asking is unethical, potentially illegal (if there's any sort of reward to this game of yours that might involve a monetary value especially .. or if you're gaming the ad banner serves even moreso) and isn't the sort of thing developers in this community are here to support.

    We're not here to create cheat hacks. What you're fundamentally asking is simple enough and any good game should thwart your effort but either way: just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.
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