I am stuck with a form, word document and getting answers to appear in the specified place in the document.
Basically, I started with a document, wherein some text had to be entered, which was repeated elsewhere in the document. So I used the form controls on the Development bar, added bookmarks for the form fields, then added cross-references to these bookmarks where the information was to be repeated. I got this part done.
The second part which is stumping me, because I am not a programmer in any sense of the word is this:
I have 14 questions with answers. The requirement is that the questions should not appear on the document, but if their respective checkbox is checked, the respective answer should appear.
This document, which I turned into a template, so my users open a new document based on this template, fill the form in part one, and get the document. This document will then be printed and given to the customer whose info was entered.
So the questions will be asked by my users, and when the correct answers appear in the document, it will be printed and given to the customers. I hope I am clear enough.
So I am stuck on the second part of asking the questions, and their answers appearing in the document.
Please help, I have been stuck the whole last week.