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    **URGENT*** VB Console program to find the min, max and average of 6 grades

    hi everyone, I have been trying to make a program that accepts 6 sudent names and grades (no more), then display them all, plus the average and the min/max. So far, it hasn't went very well. Can someone please tell me where i'm going wrong? also the -999 to exit back to the main menu is faulty.

    Thanks in advance

    Heres my code so far

    Imports System.Math
    Module Module1

    Dim dblGrade(6) As Double
    Dim intCounter As Integer
    Dim strName As String
    Dim strMinGrade As Double

    Sub Main()
    End Sub

    Public Sub menu()

    Dim strPause As String
    Dim intOption As Integer

    'Part 1 Display menu
    System.Console.WriteLine("1. Accept Information")
    System.Console.WriteLine("2. Display Data")
    System.Console.WriteLine("3. Exit")
    System.Console.WriteLine("Please select an option (1-3)")
    intOption = System.Console.ReadLine

    'Part 2 if statement based on selection

    If intOption = 1 Then

    'Accept information

    ElseIf intOption = 2 Then
    System.Console.WriteLine("Average = " & Round(AverageGrade(), 2))
    System.Console.WriteLine("Min = " & Round(MinGrade(), 2))
    System.Console.WriteLine("Max = " & Round(maxGrade(), 2))
    System.Console.WriteLine("Names = " & (strName))
    System.Console.WriteLine("Grades = " & (dblGrade(intCounter)))

    ElseIf intOption = 3 Then
    System.Console.WriteLine("Now exiting")

    End If
    'Part 3 loop for when to exit
    Loop While intOption <> 3

    'Pause screen

    System.Console.WriteLine("Press return to exit")
    strPause = System.Console.ReadLine

    End Sub
    Sub Accept()

    intCounter = intCounter + 1
    System.Console.WriteLine("Enter the name of the student, -999 to exit")
    strName = System.Console.ReadLine

    intCounter = intCounter + 1
    System.Console.WriteLine("Enter the grade of the student, -999 to exit")
    dblGrade(intCounter) = System.Console.ReadLine

    If (dblGrade(intCounter) < 0 Or dblGrade(intCounter) > 100) And (dblGrade(intCounter) <> -999) Then
    intCounter = intCounter - 1
    System.Console.WriteLine("Invalid Input")

    End If

    Loop While dblGrade(intCounter) <> -999

    Catch ex As Exception
    Console.WriteLine("Error: Invalid input, please enter whole number! " & vbLf & ex.Message)
    End Try
    End Sub

    Function AverageGrade()
    Dim Total, avg As Double
    Dim cnt As Integer
    For cnt = 1 To intCounter - 1
    AverageGrade = Total / 6


    avg = Total / (intCounter - 1)
    Return avg
    End Function
    Function MinGrade()

    Dim min As Integer
    Dim cnt As Integer

    min = dblGrade(1)
    For cnt = 2 To intCounter - 1
    If dblGrade(cnt) < min Then
    min = dblGrade(cnt)

    End If

    Return min
    End Function

    Function maxGrade()
    Dim max As Integer
    Dim cnt As Integer

    max = dblGrade(1)
    For cnt = 2 To intCounter - 1

    If dblGrade(cnt) < max Then

    End If
    max = dblGrade(cnt)
    Return max

    End Function

    End Module
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    You really are lost aren't you!

    I take it this is a question from your teacher - you are doing a course some where!

    This site is not really about doing your home work, but it is about helping you understand.

    I think you need more help than can be simply typed in here.

    if you want to go through all your mistakes ( misunderstandings openly here on the forum) then fine we can do that

    or you can PM me and we will take you through the process line by line from design to completion

    your choice

    here to help
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    Talking Massive overkill

    Just use a spreadsheet

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