I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how I would go about creating a calculator type app for a website. Not a math calculator though. For example, the calculator would have drop down lists for certain categories like height (5'0-5'4, 5'4-5'9, etc), weight, experience level (beginner, advanced, etc), focus area (based on activity) the person would then click "calculate" and it would spit out specific information about an item based on the inputs of the person.

To give an example - say it is a golf club website. The person selects 5'5-5'9, 160-179 pounds, intermediate skill level, focus area is long distance, they click calculate and it spits out a list of information that fits their inputs like club length 50inches, stiff shaft, graphite shaft. Then, ideally, based on the results, it can provide a selection of clubs that fit the calculation.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks