Hi there fellow VBA programmers!
I am quite new at this kind of syntax, therefore I came to look for your great knowledge
Currently I am working in finance, usually it doesnt require VBA except for this time.

I have several sheets containing the frequency of the ansers, (0-5, and X for don't know.) I'll attach an image of one sheet.


There are several sheets, but they all look the same.

First of all, I am not asking for the entire syntax, I understand that might be hazard But ofc that would be great if you did, if not some pointers or maybe some leads on how to solve it!

What I want to do, is with a macro or more macros check the following for EACH sheet

If a score is above a certain value (ex if someone voted over 3, 'if frequency for 3 > 0')
For each question take Max Score - Min Score (ex, if highest score was 4 and lowest 1, 4-1 = 3)
there is a field called average, i want to check if this value is higher then value (ex, if average > 3 then notify)
same for the Standard deviation ( if standard deviation > 0.3 then notify)

Thanks for helping and taking your time to this, I am rookie but trying to learn
I am good with MySQL/Python if you might need some help with that in return!