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    Help with school work urgent!!

    hello im doing btec ict level 3 at school and im struggling with a unit requiring programming in visual basic. would it be possible for anybody experienced to see through the assignment and tell me what i need to learn/where to learn it from? thanks here is the assignment:

    Assignment 1

    Apps R Us is a small software house which produces bespoke software – such as programs to operate door entry systems, shop tills, job estimates and so on – for a range of national and international clients. Most of the marketing work is done through the website.
    You are new to Apps R Us, employed as a junior programmer, in a team of three programmers led by Sabrina. Who is an analyst-programmer. Sabrina has asked you to produce some materials to be used to help potential clients understand what event driven programs are and some examples of how they can be used. These will be pages for the Apps R Us website and downloadable documents.

    1. Produce web site page or powerpoint presentation describing key features of event driven programs.

    • Include a diagram showing how event handlers, trigger functions and event loops work with form components.
    • The page will include text to explain the diagram. P1

    2. Produce a document that could be downloaded from the website to explain how an operation system, such as windows, can be viewed as an event driven application.

    a) Take a screenshot of an operating system, such as Windows. Annotate it to identify where a variety of user – initiated events occur, for example right clicking on the desktop, left clicking on the Start button, double left clicking on a program icon, etc.
    B) Write explanations of each of these events. Structure your explanations with these subheadings:
    • Why the user would want to initiate the event
    • How the user initiates the event
    • What actions the operating system does to handle the event.
    c) Draw a diagram identifying the events from hardware that are handled by the operating system, for example a printer needing more paper, a key being pressed, etc.
    d) Write explanations of these events, structure with these subheadings:
    • Why the hardware device needs to initiate the event
    • What actions the operating system does to handle the event. M1
    3. Produce a document for website download to evaluate the suitability of the event driven programs for non – graphical applications.
    To do this you will need to identify two or more applications that either use a text based interface or have no graphical components. A programme with no graphical components might be a control application for a device such as a burglar alarm burned into a ROM.
    Identify the events that reach each of your applications would receive with how suitable an event driven language might be to handle those events. D1

    Grading Tips
    • Make sure you explain each of the key features you identify. P1
    • Identify some events you can easily explain for the operating system for this grading and add in some other events such as a key on the keyboard being pressed or a mouse button being clicked in your writing. M1
    • The important aspect of this grading is that the programs have non – graphical interfaces, so text based or with no visual interface are acceptable. D1

    Assignment 2
    Your work at Apps R Us is going well (Assignment 1) Sabrina needs to prepare for your first appraisal, a meeting you will have with her to formally review your performance as a junior programmer with Apps R Us.

    As your job has a strong programming element, she needs to have evidence of your abilities and understanding of event driven programming in preparation for the meeting.

    1. You are to produce some small programs to demonstrate which the use of the following event driven tools and techniques. Evidence for these will include the following.
    • A screenshot of each program as it runs, pasted into a document which has your name, program title and an explanation of how the tools and techniques that the program demonstrates were used.
    • A code print of each program taken directly from IDE using File, Print menu of program development environment, with annotations to identify where the tools and techniques were used.
    • A small program to demonstrate the use of each of the following: , if statements, case statement and loops, both definite and indefinite, with the use of variables and user input options. You must not use any example programmes but you may use the consolidation exercises you completed. P2
    To achieve progression in the team you also need to demonstrate skill in report writing.

    2. Produce a report justifying the tools and techniques used in the production of your applications. M2
    Grading Tips
    • Make sure you produce evidence demonstrating the use of event driven tools and techniques with lots of screenshots, printed code and explanations. P2
    • You must give reasons why you chose your tools and techniques for your application, so should also include other tools and techniques you could have used, and why your choices were more appropriate. M2

    Assignment 3

    The Apps R Us team has been allocated a job from a chain or garages. You have been asked to produce the following programme:

    The IMI System (In-house Motor-vehicle Information system)

    You are required to design and produce an in-house motor vehicle program for the one of the following specialist garages: Porsche, Subaru, another car manufacturer or a combination. The garage has specified that this system will be placed in their garages for staff to use.

    The system will be PC based. The requirements are as follows:

    • The interface must be easy to use and navigable
    • The system is accessed by the user entering a password
    • A main menu is displayed from which they can choose an option.
    • Four options are available:

     Option 1
    This option allows users to make conversions. The user must enter their imperial measurement and this will be converted into the metric equivalent. This should be available for converting miles to kilometres, gallons to litres, mph to kph, psi (pounds per square inch) to bar (barometric) and vice versa.

     Option 2
    This option will ask for the tyre pressure for the front and rear wheels of the car. A message will be displayed as to whether they are too high or too low and inform the user of the correct pressure.

     Option 3
    This option will display fuel usage of a car, ie, the miles per gallon. The user will be asked to enter the amount of miles on the milometer at the point when the fuel tank is filled with fuel. The quantity of fuel required to fill the tank must also be entered. The user will then enter the amount of miles when the car requires fuel again, the miles per gallon will then be displayed. (This is used to ensure that the engine is working correctly).

    An addition to this option is to calculate the miles per gallon for a specific journey, when the actual miles are entered and the mpg is entered, the cost of the journey will be displayed. Calculate the cost for the standard price of fuel. Also the program should display the cost of a journey based on the company’s travel rate which is £0.12 per mile. This information will have the option to be printed out so that the information can be included in any expenses claims.

    1. You will design and implement a working application to meet these defined requirements, Evidence for these will be:
    • Program specification with input, output, processes, user need and purpose
    • Data storage
    • Event procedures and descriptions
    • Planned design for form(s) and printer (if used)
    • Coding design using pseudocode or flowchart. P3

    2. Create your program. Evidence for this will be:
    • User guide of each program taken directly from IDE using the File, Print menu option of the program development environment. P4

    3. Add an on-screen help system. Evidence for this will be:
    • Screenshots of the help
    • Written explanation of how the help system was created. P6

    4. The Programs you produced need to be tested:
    • Written test plan. P5
    Write a document showing that you have analysed actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies. This document should include how you used appropriate debugging tools with explanations of each, including the use of :

    • Breakpoints
    • Step into
    • Step over
    • Watch windows. M3

    5. The Programs you produced need technical documentation for the support and maintenance. The documentation for each program will consist of:
    • Data dictionary
    • Feedback from other users
    • Checks against the original specifications. M4

    6. Produce an evaluation of the program you have written. Include the good and bad aspects your work as well as anything you would do to enhance the program. D2

    Grading Tips
    • Make sure your design meets the defined requirements and includes how the program will work. P3
    • When the program is working, check it again against the requirements. P4
    • Use a structured test plan and type the results into a table or spread sheet. P5
    • The on-screen help for your program should be using .chm files but you could choose. P6
    • Analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies. M3
    • Create technical documentation for the support and maintenance of a computer program. M4
    • Evaluate your event driven application. D2
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    Don't just post your assignment and expect any help. Show what code you've tried to create and what problems you've encountered with your code.

    I'm closing this thread, try posting specifics again if you have actually tried to solve your homework yourself and are having problems.

    You could start with www.microsoft.com to find out about visual basic.
    Doug G
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