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    color schemes

    this may seem a little silly. but i want to know how can i decide for what color scheme to use. mine is a very simple website for school kids. with simple buttons. I am unable to decide which colour to use and all. but can one suggest me ... whether ther are any good website link for such help? its really confusing

    like i have a simple login form. i want to have the same color scheme for all form as that of the login form. I just want the site to look elegant and nice..
    <FORM ACTION="loginDB2.asp" METHOD="post">
    <TD ALIGN="right"><font color="#000080" size="4"><b>USERNAME:</TD>
    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="txtNAME" size="40" maxlength="100"></INPUT></TD>
    <TD ALIGN="right"><font color="#000080" size="4"><b>PASSWORD:</b></TD> </font>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="txtPASSWORD" size="40" maxlength="100"></INPUT></TD>
    <TD ALIGN="right"></TD>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Login" name ="login"></INPUT>
    <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset"></INPUT>

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    I think Microsoft did a great job with the colours they used for Windows XP. They are bold and bright and would be good on a site like this. A guide to the colours used can be found here

    One thing I would suggest you do is stop using the <font> tag since its been depricated and instead use CSS. That will also mean that you can simple change one CSS file to update your site, not got through and edit all the font tags.

    Good CSS tutorials can be found at
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    try if that's not working, i think they changed their url.

    o let me check again.......... yap. that's it. i think.

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