Really hoping that someone can help me out here. I have a website that I am working on and I would like to create an app that allows the customer to customize the fields and show them the result of what the input.

I am sure most of you have seen the Anytown Little League stickers on the back of the minivan in front of you on your way to work. My kids and I make those types of stickers and would love to figure out a way to have our customers create them on our website. The top of the sticker is text that wraps around a six inch wide circle, that would be field one. The center of the decal needs to have an image that can be selected by first selecting a category which then brings up the images that fall under the selected category, this if field number two. The third field would be here the customer would enter the name of their favorite player. Does anyone know of a way this could be done that they can point me towards? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.