I know this is going to sound bad, but i ahve been trying to add shopping cart to my site fr almost 3 years.

We dont have a lot and dont sell alot, so dont want to use a pay site to host a cart.

I want somethign very simple.

a person can click "add to cart" link next to product name, and they are taken to their cart. they can change quantity, see shipping fee, choose to update, remove, or checkout. at checkout i jsu twant hte form to be emailed to me, no billing through the checkout, i will bill them privately through email.

Despite my attempts at lookign at php/cgi carts, i really cannot understand them. i am on hour 6 tonight and am soon giving up for the day without any results.

i have looked here with alot of hope but it wont work.

We are hosted on hostgator using Cpanel.

I want what this man uses. i orderd some books from him and his form is basically what i need.