From: Monty Lukies <>

hey all, ok heirs the deal, i'm starting a community portal site, The main deal is that it is a site that is mainly for younger people (say 13 to 25 or the young in hart) . And its non corporate, the internet has become to commercial, we want it to be like the old day's (with new techniques) know selling marketing research (actually no research at all), no banners, well some for the web expenses. no sell out eater. Every one that comes on the site gets a say in how we run things. So one of the more noticeable differences will be that instead of having a science category, and a education one, we will have a junk food one and an extreme sports one (just to give you an example). The site is under constant development, plus it's hosted on a dedicated sever (t1) so nothing is missing.
Well heir is where you can help out, i really need web designers, developers, ect to help out on the project, you can do what ever you like in your own style, that the what we are interested in. Who ever helps out will be rewarded with a sub domain address, and a pop3 or forward email address, plus your name will be posted on the contributes list, and some other stuff. I know its not much, but we are a community web site. Who ever is interested please email me at thanks