Maybe I would be of some convincing, I always thought using dreamweaver with a nice graphic design app is the ultimate, I was wrong. My brother suggested that I try joomla, at first I was bit sketchy due to worrying about limitations. I later realised the only limitation was me, Joomla is constantly updated and it has the best extensions you could use, you could design a nice template using artisteer but I do not recommend this if you have html and css coding experience, my suggestion is, buy a nice template like's templates and get acquainted with it, they give awesome support and it enables you to add some custom html and css(if you know what you're doing), if you feel the template is limited just ask on their forum. The template is totally awesome if you're a newbie coder, since it enables you to modify text and background fore- and background colors, there's a bunch of stuff you can do to make your site look totally awesome. Personallly I would suggest this if you're a new web designer.