Hi all!

I just discovered this forum and am very please with the information on here . Anyways....


I'm in charge of getting the ball rolling for an Online Curriculum library for teachers in my area. This project will have a budget of between 5k-7k (all expenses included). We will be hiring a developer to do most of the technical work.

The purpose of the website is as follows...

The goal of the repository is to provide teachers with an online environment to: (1) discover and download teacher-authored curriculum, (2) upload their curriculum, and (3) connect with other teachers and support staff through a community portal, and (4) store a teacher’s favorite resources in their “my folder”.

We'd like to create an exclusive (We have a program they must go through to get access to the site) and very social community for teachers which is all about creative exchange of teacher materials. We'd also like a very image oriented, flashy, and creative layout (I.e. "behance".net).

To summarize the technical requirements...

  • Searchable / Sortable (And Visually appealing) library of teachers submitted curriculum
  • An extensive user account system (Which must be approved, is social with other user accounts, can store "favorites" on the site ect.)
  • A custom form system for submitting curriculum content


My question for your community is what are your recommendations on how to get this accomplished? I've create a few basic websites (Wordpress mostly) but never a fully funded project such as this.

I'm looking for recommendations on...

  1. Existing systems to use as a starting point? (I.e. using a CMS program like wordpress, a LMS program like Moodle, or just create our own?)
  2. Who should I look for to do this? (Should it be a firm or a single freelance professional? Should it be local or does that not particularly matter? Any recommendations?)
  3. Is our price range realistic for what we are looking for?

Also I'd love to hear any other recommendations or comments that you may have!